The asset management disposal cockpit is a fully customisable solution that allow users to main their own asset disposal process. Through flexible configuration, users have the ability to add their own transactions and reports to allow the entire asset disposal process to be tailored according to individual and corporate requirements. Most companies that manage many assets have one or all of the issues listed below: 1. Multiple systems that may not be fully integrated. 2. Use of spreadsheets and tracking of disposal documentation on network drives. 3. Inability to quickly track sign off approvals. 4. Inability to quickly see where the disposals are in the lifecycle. 5. Inability to attach supporting documentation and/or text to a disposal. 6. Inability to dispose of multiple assets in a single process. 7. Inability to have a single, end to end process, in a single system that is fully auditable. 8. Inability to run multiple reports detailing the disposal process. 9. Inability to reassign responsibilities if a key member of staff is unavailable. 10. Inability to fully manage the financial disposal of the asset(s) in a single system.




The integrated solution allows for the mass disposal of one or multiple assets. The disposal process allows the users to enter free text against each asset being disposed and/or upload any supporting documentation, in any format, to help facilitate the disposal process. All of the free text and uploaded documentation is stored securely within the SAP database which allows each person in the disposal lifecycle process to view all the documentation and text that has been added in previous steps in the process. The adding of text and supporting documentation, whilst encouraged, can be configured to not be mandatory. The process flow below shows the steps in the disposal lifecycle. Each approver has the ability to ‘look back’ at each of the previous approvals to more readily understand the context and background of the disposal. Each person in the process has the ability to either; a) Modify and approve the process to the next stage in the lifecycle b) Send the disposal back to the previous approver, or c) reject the complete disposal process back to the initiator.


Asset Disposal Workflow

Fiori Solution

ALM Dash board, you can create new disposal Request /Approve disposal request or check recently approved or submitted disposal request. Create Initial memo to start process for disposing assets , you can select multiple assets and attach photo notes etc to the disposal.     Once you submit the request  ,workflow goes to Technical department for adding technical input , and to approve disposal of assets.     Technical department can add documents , photo etc to the notes . After Technical department approval , request is sent to Finance department to add details like are we scrapping the asset or we are getting some money from sale of asset.   Finance department  add details like are we scrapping the asset or we are getting some money from sale of asset.     After Finance department request is sent to final approver .   Once Final Approver , approves the request all assets are retired in SAP and accounting entries are posted.   Please contact us asap to schedule a demo.