Our Amelio tool is an end-to-end sales allocation Fiori application completely integrated with SAP. This platform provides complete visibility of the real time data from SAP ERP. The real time warehouse stock availability, allocated, consumed and back order quantities are available with the click of a button. This enables the planners to do any immediate adjustments needed in real time during the launch of new products to the market.

sample application (click here)


Stock allocation is the decisions made about how quantities will be distributed amongst several outlets in a retail chain.
1. Materials to be on allocation are selected.
2. The customers are grouped in a hierarchy (levels 1,2,3 etc)
3. Stock allocation is done by percentage (manual or forecast % split)
4. The total % split for each hierarchy should = 100. eg. If A1 has 3 children b1,b2,b3 then the total % of the children must = 100. if the not then error.

The process:

1. The stock to be received for a material is communicated
2. This stock can be allocated at any level and to any hierarchy or even to a single retail customer.
3. The stock is then distributed to the groups in the hierarchy and thus to the customers by percentage.
4. A manual decision must be made to consider or exclude backorders. If considered then delete the backorders before allocating the stock.

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