Business Problem

Multiple things are moving all the time in your business. You need to have the right skilled and available resources while taking specific organisational labour requirements into account. Scheduling is already a nightmare, knowing who is where and when is hard enough, before adding in sudden staff and equipment unavailability! Being Agile is how successful businesses meet continuously changing demands.


Together with Quintiq, we create world-leading workforce optimisation solutions. We create a single view of all elements of your business that require scheduling and ensure that these are integrated to back-end systems, creating a seamless and cohesive solution for your business. This includes:

  1. Manpower Planning – understanding how long-term staffing plans meet demand.
  2. Rostering – Generating rosters that account for unique scheduling constraints (including shift preferences).
  3. Shift Bidding – Empowering staff to bid on shifts/schedules through mobility.
  4. Task Assignment – generate tasks and work order assignments to ensure maximum utilisation of resources.
  5. Dispatching – allow staff to make informed decisions with real-time visibility of resources.
  6. Day of Operations – Real-time insight to resolve Day of Operations challenges in a cost-effective manner.

Specific Services

Analysis/Design – we work with you to understand your puzzle, capture functional, integration and architectural requirements.

Modeling – we develop a prototype (functional and integrations) based on the completed analysis, ready for you to test.

Iterative Development –hands-on comprehensive testing to further shape the solution to meet the needs of the organisation.

Implementation – we deliver an optimised and customised solution ready for roll out.

Management – we provide expert project management services to ensure our customers are informed and understand the process every step of the way.

Integration – too generic back-end solutions including Supply Chain and Human Resource Management systems.