SAP Business Intelligence

Our experienced BI & strategy specialists will help you to leverage your data assets to achieve superior business outcomes & growth. Regardless of your state in the data and analytics lifecycle, we deliver results-driven strategies that you own, and are customised to your specific needs and situation.

Strategic thinking, assessment, and planning comes in all sizes. From health-checks to multi-year plans, we can guide you through with just the right level of involvement. Typical engagements include:

  • Bespoke health checks and maturity assessments that help you understand risks and opportunities in how you manage and use data.
  • Technology roadmaps, assessments and evaluations that simplify your technology landscape, and ensure you get the best value from your investments in technology.
  • Creating the perfect blend of people, process, and technology with strategic planning and design.
  • Identifying and capitalising on all internal and external data that is available to you.
  • Creating a shared understanding of the company vision and how data and analytics can support or drive it.
  • Exploring data science and advanced analytics capabilities to add business value for you.
  • Automate governance around personally identifiable data to reduce risks associated with GDPR assessment and adherence.

Data Management

As the variety, volume and velocity of data you manage increases, it is vital that you make the data readily available, in a consistent manner, across your entire business. That’s where we come in. Our experienced data management specialists can empower you with the right skills, processes and technologies, to ensure your data assets provide a vital foundation for your data lead strategy.

Typical engagement includes:

  • Establish a future-ready data management solution that empowers every aspect of your business. Architect, design, model, and implement data management solutions that you will value.
  • Combine real-time, structured, unstructured, and Big Data to share consistent and common understandings of information across your business.
  • Apply governance that reduces the risk of data misuse and improves data quality, and still provides the business with the opportunity to react to opportunity.

Define and implement strategies around meta-data management that will drive today’s automation in implementation, and tomorrow automation in machine learning led business decision making.

Business Intelligence

An individual’s ability to make fast, consistent and evidence-based decisions is essential in today’s market of data-centric, customer-focused businesses. Great business intelligence will achieve this through the perfect blend of people, processes and technology.

Our experienced team will take time to understand you and your responsibilities. The processes you have in place, the technologies that are available to you, and how you like to work. We will then work with you to achieve your goals. As necessary we can redesign processes, re-define responsibilities, and help you select the most suitable technologies that drive user adoption and let you capitalise on your technology investments.

Typical engagements include:

  • Design and establish BI Competency Centres that provide a platform for better use of data and business intelligence across your business. We’ll map out a clear journey to create the perfect blend of people, processes, and the right technology to achieve your business goals.
  • Design and deliver executive, client, or business-wide dashboards, applications or reports that offer high adoption rates and become an essential part of your business.
  • Create a compelling, well-governed self-service capability that satisfies the curiosity of people trying to improve what they do.
  • Design stunning content using leading user experience design techniques the produces content that drives results.
  • Improve the adoption and utilisation of technology investments through training, mentoring, and demonstrating the art of the possible.
  • Technical installation, upgrades, configuration, and security design and implementation.

Business Intelligence lets us work directly with people, listen to their ambitions and goals, and then use data and technology to help them realise them. That’s why we do this.


Advanced Analytics

The purpose of Analytics is to unlock the business value hidden in your data.  The Data Scientists in our Advanced Analytics team can expertly apply a range of advanced techniques to develop deep business insights and solve problems that go beyond the traditional Business Intelligence domain.


Data Visualisation

Don’t stop at providing timely, accurate and relevant information to everyone in the business. The information must be clearly presented, actionable, look great, and be a joy to use to drive business value and high levels of adoption.

Work with us to create elegant and compelling visuals designed to display and instantly communicate the value in your data. It’s visualisations that let you discover new patterns, identify key relationships, share ideas, drive preferred actions and explore new possibilities. We work with a range of data visualisation technologies and know the best ways to use them to ensure that patterns, trends and correlations are quickly identified and consistently acted upon.

Typical engagements include:

  • Iterative delivery working with our consulting and UXD teams work alongside business users to ensure maximum impact and adoption rates of the content delivered.
  • We drive better user adoption and business outcomes by utilising User Experience Design (UXD) techniques. We work with you to define user journeys, information architecture, persona profiles. We can also conduct usability testing and create design concepts and artwork.
  • Requirements workshops to understand the target audiences’ frustrations, needs, goals and responsibilities. And to ensure there are no gaps in information that result is users having to go elsewhere to gain a complete picture.
  • Mobile and application development to ensure we create content people love and can access from their preferred device.

Managed Services

Our data and analytics managed services offering allows our clients to focus on their core business and competencies while we manage their data, integration and analytics environment.

Whether you would prefer on-site or remote support, we’ll ensure you have immediate access to a small team of great people that are here to support you in every way we can.