AussiePro Solutions has developed dedicated User Experience practices that focus primarily on the people using SAP, making SAP easier for them to use. We understand that many SAP customers struggle to get the maximum benefit from their investment, with adoption being a key hurdle.

We believe that understanding how people want to use SAP and choosing the right tools can achieve:

Our User Experience practice keeps up to date with all the SAP User Interface technologies, strategies and user experience guidelines. We look outside of SAP to find innovative ways to apply consumer standards and design principles to the enterprise software world. People are becoming more and more accustomed to the level of user experience that they experience when using the internet in their personal lives. Bringing the right mix of these principles and technologies to bear on enterprise data is the key to satisfying user expectations and delivering value from your enterprise systems.

Not all users are created equal, nor do situations or locations allow for the same interaction with the system. That is why we ensure we stay in touch with what will benefit the user, by applying an agile approach to delivery and design thinking concepts to our workshop sessions and end user engagement. We place the individual, your users, at the core of our approach so your business operates smoother than before.

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